Elbrus Management, LLC
7801 E Bush Lake Rd, Suite 430 Edina, MN 55439


A fee will be assessed, in addition to minimum charges from a vendor, should any of following occur:

  • A tenant who makes an appointment, but fails to be at the property during the scheduled time.
  • The key to the property does not work due to changing of the locks by the tenant.
  • A loose, un-kenneled dog is at the property.
  • Entry is refused by tenant or guests of tenant. 


Maintenance Charge Backs

Elbrus Management is 100% responsible for repairing or replacing items broken or damaged by normal intended use. Occasionally, residents cause damage by accident, misuse or abuse.  If our maintenance staff or contractor reports damage which was not caused by normal use, we will charge the repair back to you. Failure to pay for these charges could cause default of your lease.  

Scheduled Maintenance

Elbrus Management performs certain services on the property automatically in order to keep it in good condition. These services may be done with little or no notice to you. For instance: fall and spring landscaping, gutter cleaning, HVAC service, furnace filter replacements, etc. City License Inspections may also be scheduled as required. If these services require contractors to enter the property, every effort will be made to set an appointment with you at least 24 hours in advance of the visit.